American Flyer Wave 2.0 Cruisers

Since 1918, American Flyer Bikes has made its mark by producing high-quality, classic, California Beach Cruisers, and it all started with the Wave! The Wave’s ageless design blends form and function to give you the smoothest and most comfortable ride on the boardwalk!

All E-Wave Bicycles must be shipped to your American Flyer dealer or local bike shop for assembly – visit our Store Locator page to find the nearest American Flyer dealer to you!

American Flyer Bicycles has over 100 years in the industry with more than 200+ Dealers Nation Wide. As we continue to grow throughout the country we want our American Flyer Bicycle Family to have a strong community! We believe that community is the heart and soul of happiness as well as togetherness. There has never been a more important time for this. Here is where you can find various links on why you should own an American Flyer Bicycle!

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